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Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice

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The Director of the Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice welcomes you. Professor Gelsthorpe is Deputy Director of the Institute of Criminology, Director of the Cambridge ESRC Doctoral Training Centre and Joint Convenor of CAMMIGRES (an interdisciplinary migration network).

CCGSJ People

Griffins Society Fellowships

The CCGSJ hosts The Griffins Society Fellowships - providing unique opportunities for practitioners to explore their own interests or concerns about the treatment of women in the criminal justice system.

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Our Aims

The primary aims of the Centre are to:

  • bring together research interests relating to community sanctions (with a European and international as well as a national focus), gender, crime and justice
  • develop the links between criminal justice and social justice
  • give students and colleagues working in these broad areas a clear identity.   

A second, but no less important, objective is to use the Centre as a base from which to apply for research funding. 

Thirdly, the Centre links academic and practitioner related interests - organising a number of workshops with members of the National Probation Service, Community Rehabilitation Companies, voluntary organisations and youth justice agencies. 

The Centre holds occasional seminars and workshops and runs a monthly reading group.