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Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice

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What is Learning Together?

In January 2015, Drs Amy Ludlow and Ruth Armstrong were successful in obtaining support from The University of Cambridge’s Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund to pilot a new educational initiative called Learning Together. Since then, Learning Together has attracted funding from the British...

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History and Growth

The idea of bringing together people in higher education and criminal justice organisations to learn with and from each other has a long history in the UK. One of the founding fathers of criminology, Max Grunhut, established a society at the University of Oxford in the 1950s called ‘Crime-A-...

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Understanding Learning Together

Since its inception, Learning Together has been evaluated with the aim of understanding participants’ experiences in order to feed those experiences forward into our practices and enrich the theoretical foundations on which Learning Together is designed and delivered. Our approach to evaluation is...

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Get Involved in Learning Together

We are always interested to hear from people who would like to be involved in educational partnership working between higher education and criminal justice organisations. Please email us . I want to become a Learning Together student, mentor or facilitator Educational partnership working is...

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Learning Together Newsletters

The Learning Together team publishes regular newsletters. Issue 2: June 2018 Issue 1: Nov 2017

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Learning Together Publications

Articles R. Armstrong, A. Ludlow and L. Bartels (forthcoming) ‘Learning Together: theory, reflexivity and localism in prison and university learning partnerships’. R. Armstrong and A. Ludlow (forthcoming) ‘Learning Together: productive discomfort and the ache of beauty’. R. Armstrong and A. Ludlow...

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Useful Resources

Books P. Freire (1996) Pedagogy of the Oppressed (St Ives: Pengiun Books, 2 nd edition) C. Dweck (2008) Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (New York: Ballantine Books) C. Smith (2010) What is a Person? Rethinking Humanity, Social Life and the Moral Good from the Person Up (Chicago: University...

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Learning Together Blog

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