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Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice

We are always interested to hear from people who would like to be involved in educational partnership working between higher education and criminal justice organisations. Please email us

I want to become a Learning Together student, mentor or facilitator 

Educational partnership working is spreading across many higher education institutions and criminal justice organisations. To apply to take part in your local Learning Together partnership, search the PUPiL map or email us for more information. All Learning Together students follow the same application process – there is no distinction between students based within criminal justice organisations or students based within higher education institutions. All application processes assess motivation to learn rather than previous formal educational achievement. Some Learning Together courses are accredited, whereas others are voluntary opportunities for learning that are non-credit bearing for all students but that result in a certificate of achievement that evidences a student’s achievements and progress. 

I want to start a Learning Together partnership 

If you work at a higher education institution or within a criminal justice organisation, and might like to form a new Learning Together partnership, please email us. We would be delighted to talk to you about your ideas and how we might work together. 

We are working collaboratively with our colleagues across the UK and beyond as part of The Learning Together Network; a network of likeminded people from universities and prisons who are interested in educational partnerships that are individually and socially transformative. The Network provides a platform for dialogue, support and sharing best practice. Learning Together is grounded in the transformative power of dialogical learning, so the starting point for the Network is that our ideas and practices are better when we learn from and with each other. 

People in the Learning Together Network support each other in forming and sustaining transformative learning partnerships between higher education and criminal justice organisations. The Network welcomes academics, practitioners and policy makers who are committed to supporting and furthering Learning Together partnerships and working in ways that are consistent with our vision, mission, core purpose and values. Our core values are: 


Nurturing talent wherever it is found.


Providing routes for our learners to reach their potential and challenging structures and practices that limit this.


Collaborating with our students and with each other.


Acting in theoretically informed ways that shape and change the world and our knowledge, and feeding new knowledge back into our action. 



The Network has a team of regional representatives who coordinate activities between local partnerships and support the development of new partnerships. As a Network we work through our regional representatives to: 

  • Connect institutions and practitioners looking for partnership learning opportunities;
  • Explain our values and the practices that flow from these values;
  • Share resources, support delivery and evaluation, and celebrate in each other’s success;
  • Advance knowledge of relevant research, methodologies and best ethical practice; and
  • Engage with relevant local and national policy. 

I want to support Learning Together 

We would be delighted to hear from anyone who might like to support Learning Together and The Learning Together Network in any way, whether by volunteering time, ideas or any other resources. Please get in touch!