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Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice

Relevant Books 


Gelsthorpe, L. (2014) ‘Criminal Justice: the Policy Landscape’ in A. Hucklesby and A. Wahidin (Eds.) Criminal Justice. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Criminal justice book


Gelsthorpe, L. (2013) ‘Working with Women in Probation: 'Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, won't you join the dance?' in P. Ugwudike and P. Raynor (Eds.) What Works in Offender Compliance: International Perspectives and Evidence-Based Practice. Basingstoke: Palgrave

What Works in Offender Compliance


Gelsthorpe, L and Larrauri, E. (2013) ‘Gender and crime in Europe’ in The Routledge Handbook of European Criminology. London: Routledge.

The Routledge Handbook of European Criminology.


Gelsthorpe, L. (2013) ‘Legitimacy, Law and Locality: Making the Case for Change’ in M. Malloch and G. McIvor (Eds.) Women, Punishment and Social Justice. London: Routledge

Women punishment and social justice


Cox, A. and Gelsthorpe, L. (2012) ‘Harmony behind bars: evaluating the therapeutic impact of a music programme in prisons’ in L. Cheliotis (Ed.) The Arts of Imprisonment: Control, Resistance and Empowerment. Basingstoke: Ashgate.

the art of Imprisonment


Gelsthorpe, L. (2011). ‘What works with women offenders?’ in M. Herzog-Evans (Ed.) Transnational Criminology Manual, Vol. 3. Nijmegen, the Netherlands: Wolf Publishers.

Transnational Criminology Manual


Gelsthorpe, L. and Wright, S. (2015). ‘The context: Women as law-breakers’. In J. Annison, J. Brayford and J. Deering [Eds]. Women and the criminal justice: From the Corston Report to Transforming Rehabilitation. Bristol, UK: Policy Press.

Women and criminal justice

Wright, S. (forthcoming). ‘Narratives of punishment and desistance in the lives of repeatedly criminalised women’. In E. Hart and E. Van Ginneken [Eds] New Perspectives on Desistance. Palgrave MacMillan.



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