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Engage in Learning

Engage in Learning

Main Contact: Ingrid Obsuth

Engage in Learning (EiL) is a staff training course that is currently being developed at the Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice. It is funded by the University's Teaching and Learning Innovations Fund (2016 -2017) award to Drs. Ingrid Obsuth, Caroline Lanskey, Amy Ludlow and Ruth Armstrong.

EiL is both practice-informed and theory-based, building on interpersonal and learning theories (such as attachment, person-centred, Vygotskij). The course is being designed for both university teachers and supervisors as well as for prison staff. The aim of the course is to train and guide university and prison staff to build relationships that support and empower students/prison residents in their learning in formal and informal settings. We plan to deliver and evaluate the pilot EiL courses (one at the University and one in prison) in Spring 2017, utilising both qualitative and quantitative methods. Following the iterative approach to course development, the evaluation will feed into the further development of the course.

Our Aims

The primary aims of the Centre are to:

  • bring together research interests relating to community sanctions (with a European and international as well as a national focus), gender, crime and justice
  • develop the links between criminal justice and social justice
  • give students and colleagues working in these broad areas a clear identity.   

A second, but no less important, objective is to use the Centre as a base from which to apply for research funding. 

Thirdly, the Centre links academic and practitioner related interests - organising a number of workshops with members of the National Probation Service, Community Rehabilitation Companies, voluntary organisations and youth justice agencies. 

The Centre holds occasional seminars and workshops and runs a monthly reading group.